I am a long-retired, entusiastic participant in whatever I believe God is calling me to do.  Having just started this blog I am excited to be able to provide uplifting messages to my readers and to provide a positive way of approaching all of the  trials, troubles, and tribulations we all face at some time in our lives by showing how straight-forward upright thinking can aid in problem-solving which leads to inner joy in  our lives.

My first love is teaching  Bible study which has been my joy for 40 years.  I also teach acrylic painting classes at a retirement center and at my home. I needed a new challenge and decided to start a blog.  I am hoping to bring hope, joy and peace into many lives and also to learn from those who read my  blog.  My ultimate joy would be to be able to contribute more to missions projects supported by my church.

I am looking forward to what the future brings.

Loretta Lamb

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